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Best Neodymium Woofers to buy in India

What Are Neodymium Speakers?

Neodymium is an element with specific characteristics that make it particularly well suited for use in speaker construction. Speakers operate by using a magnetic field to generate motion in a coil and speaker cone to project an amplified sound signal. In neodymium speakers, the rare-earth element is used as the primary material in the magnets that create the field needed to drive the speaker movement.

Speaker Types

Neodymium shows up in a wide variety of speaker types produced by a large range of manufacturers; however, there are some specific applications that it is best suited for. The light weight of the material makes it useful when designing both very large and very small systems. In a very large system, such as speakers that would be used in an outdoor public address system, neodymium magnets prevent the speaker cabinets from becoming weight-prohibitive. In very small speakers, such as high-frequency tweeters, neodymium provides the drive needed to power the speaker while retaining a suitably small footprint.
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